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I Go To Holy Name Of Jesus On Sundays.  Am I Considered A Parishioner?

You are considered a parishioner of Holy Name of Jesus if you have been registered for a year prior to booking a wedding.  You also must have completed the minimum stewardship through the envelope system or through Online Giving during that time.

Can I Share Flowers With Another Bride?

Yes, if you would like to share flowers with a bride marrying on the same day, you are welcome to do so. The wedding coordinator will contact the other bride and get the two of you in contact with each other.  It is not mandatory to leave the flowers on the altar.

Will I Be Bumped If A Parishioner Wants To Marry At The Same Time As My Wedding?

No. We reserve one Saturday night per month for parishioners.  If no parishioner has taken the spot at 7 months prior to the date, the date becomes available to the public.

How Soon Can I Book My Wedding?

The Archdiocese requires that you have at least 6 months advance to prepare for the sacrament of marriage. This gives you time to meet with the priest and complete Engaged Encounter. We do not book more than 24 months before the month of the wedding.

Can I Have Flowers On The Altar During Lent Or Advent?

Yes, you may have arrangements on the altar but you may not remove the existing Lent decorations if any.  All flowers must then be removed after the wedding during Lent. Otherwise, arrangements are left on the altar as a donation to the church.

Can The Groom Escort His Own Mother Down The Aisle?

Yes. This is absolutely fine and the mothers love it.

What If I Have Asked More Than 8 Bridesmaids To Stand For Me?

Exceptions can be made but they will not all be able to sit within the Communion Rail.

Who Coordinates The Music?

Colleen Maher is the music director. She will assist you in music selections, vocalist selections and musician selections.  The organist, Jonathan Szymanski, will play at all weddings, no exceptions.

Is There A Dress Code?

No, there is no dress code.  Strapless dresses are allowed.  However, we do ask that dresses be appropriate for church.

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