Vacation Bible School

Provides a on-week summer program teaching children about Christ, the Bible and our Catholic faith, with activities including music, crafts, games and snack.  Safe environment training will be required.

Vacation Bible School (VBS) provides a unique approach to learning the Bible and retaining an understanding of Godly principles presented in the Word of God. The children not only learn the word of God but participate in games, music, arts and crafts. The programs of VBS increase excitement and participation in the church. VBS allows an environment for early spiritual growth, produces a great opportunity for outreach, and gives volunteers at Holy Name of Jesus Parish a greater opportunity for fellowship. VBS defines success this way: Success = Salvation. All of the resources and tireless work of our VBS volunteers are executed with one goal in mind, which is seeing our kids grow in their knowledge and love for Jesus.

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Contact: Patty Mathes,  (504) 865-7430, ext 206,