Posted: December 3, 2017 in Pastor's Page

Dear Sisters and Brothers,





I once heard a brilliant retreat talk from former Jesuit Priest Fr. Joseph Currie, S.J., where he compared pregnancy to the type of waiting and anticipation we enter into during the Advent Season.


As we await Jesus’ birth, pregnancy provides a beautiful metaphor for us as we prepare for Jesus’ arrival. Together with Mary and Joseph, we wait on God to be faithful to His ancient promises. Being “pregnant” with them helps us to discover our own deepest expectations and longings.


During pregnancy, a man and a woman completely focus their lives on the arrival of a new life, and this period of waiting and preparation is one of the most precious times of their marriage journey. At the same time, pregnancy is uncomfortable and inconvenient, and it elicits patience and sacrifice from a couple, sometimes stretching them beyond their imagined limits. But when the baby finally arrives, and new life emerges into the world, the couple then acknowledges that all the sacrifices associated with the pregnancy were well worth it!


As you begin this Advent season, there must be some way in which you are “in labor”, or “in expectation”, or just “waiting on God”. Can you identify what that might be?


Together, let us take time this Advent to pray for the graces we need for whatever “labor pains” are challenging us at this moment. Maybe we need to pray for the gift of FAITH, to believe in God’s Providence, even when our path forward is not clearly visible and waiting on God becomes uncomfortable. Maybe we need to ask for the gift of HOPE, to maintain a positive attitude in the face of difficulty. Or maybe we need to pray for the gift of LOVE, so as to be able respond to God and to others with kindness and generosity.


Let us open our hearts to God as Mary did, and let us say “Yes” to whatever God is asking of us at this time. Remember: God is faithful to His promises, and He will never let us down!


In the Risen Lord,
Fr. Eddie Gros, Pastor