Pastor's Message

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Resting With Jesus   The Twelve returned from their mission and gathered again around Jesus. They arrived tired but really happy. They were excited to tell their stories of the road, all that they had done and taught, how they had moved from town to town, announcing the Good News, how they brought consolation and peace to so many people, how through Jesus’ power they were part of the curing of many sick people, and how they drove out evil spirits, also in Jesus’ name. Their happiness and excitement was so intense that they could hardly contain themselves. Their mission was a great success!.   As more and more people heard about their successful mission, they began showing up, also wanting to be healed, consoled, or freed from possession. Their needs were many. In fact, the lines were so long, the apostles did not even have time to eat. So that’s why Jesus suggested, “Come away with me to a quiet place, and let’s rest a little.”   Unfortunately, the people quickly discovered the apostles’ secret get away place, and once again, throngs of people came to Jesus and the apostles. When Jesus saw this happening, he did not lose […]

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