Pastor's Message

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

A New Commandment   Every event, every action, every choice that Jesus made when he lived among us was a manifestation of some aspect of divine love. We can contemplate him in the manger at Bethlehem, loving and transforming the life of the shepherds, the magi, Mary and Joseph, just by his mere presence. (Luke 2, 1-17; Matthew 2: 1-13) We can follow him along the shores of the Sea of Galilee as he formed a relationship with Simon Peter, Andrew, James, and John and the other apostles, empowering them to be fishers of men (Mark 1: 16–29). We see his incredible compassion as he multiplies the loaves and feeds over 5000 of his hungry disciples (Mark 6: 35-44). We see him perform dozens of signs that not only show compassion and love in the moment, but also manifest in a trans-temporal way the hopes and desires God has for human beings of all times and of all ages, to live complete, integral, and happy lives. We see Jesus pour out his heart as he celebrates the Last Supper with his disciples and gives them his very flesh and blood as signs of love and covenant (Mark 14: 16-25). And […]

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