Pastor's Message

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

The Hidden Life of Jesus   One of the most intriguing meditations in the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius is the meditation on the “Hidden Life” of Jesus. Apart from the Infancy narratives we will hear about throughout the Christmas season, all taken from Matthew and Luke, the only other episode we find in the Gospels is Luke’s account of Jesus and Mary getting separated from their son when, at the age of 12, he decided to stay behind in the temple. That’s this Sunday’s Gospel. Other than these few episodes, we have 30 years of a hidden life where Jesus lived with his family in the tiny village of Nazareth. Since his public ministry only lasted three years, we have roughly 90% of his life where we have to use our imagination to fill in the blanks. Ignatius recommends we meditate on that as a way to appreciate the importance and value of the Holy Family in preparing Jesus for his saving mission. I find that, when we can do this imaginative meditation, we can come to appreciate the sacredness and importance of our own human families as the place where we learned our most important lessons. Try these […]

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