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Dear Sisters and Brothers,

THE HEAVENLY BANQUET   This Sunday’s Gospel gives us a beautiful glimpse of what God has in store for us by way of a hopeful and happy future. The image of the Heavenly Wedding Banquet appears in the first reading from Isaiah, and then again, in a more developed form, in Matthew’s Gospel.   Isaiah is of course addressing God’s people who are longing for the Messiah to come. He speaks of a blessed future using the beautiful imagery of a wedding banquet to which all of the nations are invited, where all will be served the finest foods and wines, and where all will dine in great comfort and peace. Obviously, this was a soothing prophecy for a people who were in the midst of many struggles, especially threats made by neighboring nations.   When the Messiah finally comes, historically made flesh in Jesus the Christ, we see the realization of what seemed to our ancestors to be an impossible dream. In Jesus the Christ, the Reign of God has begun, and the process of building the City of God begins. In Jesus the Christ, we already are able to taste and see the Reign of God in the […]

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