Pastor's Message

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

        THE CHRISTMAS STORY ALWAYS CALLS US TO A DEEPER LEVEL   Some symbols and metaphors are very powerful and quickly evoke profound emotional responses in my heart. Symbols and metaphors like (a) “following stars”, or (b) “traveling to far-off lands”, or (c) “seeking wisdom and answers to the mysteries of life”, or (d) “finding God in unexpected circumstances and situations”, or (e) “simple ordinary events with profound meanings”, or (f) “humble people doing very important things”, or (g) “unsung heroes”, or (h) “God miraculously providing for people in dire circumstances”, or (1) “going home by a different route”, etc. etc.     If you haven’t figured it out by now, you can see that, by means of all these symbols and metaphors, I am trying to share with you the ways that Christmas touches my heart, personally. Wise men followed a mysterious star in their quest for wisdom, and found God in a very unexpected place. In contemplation they recognized the depth of the scene which was unfolding before their very eyes, a scene which changed their lives forever. The birth of Jesus in that stable in Bethlehem opened up for us all a portal in […]

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