Pastor's Message

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

  As we approach the Commemoration of All the Faithful Departed that is celebrated this Sunday, we hold many people in our hearts. We pause to remember them, to pray to them, and to thank God for having made them a part of our lives.   Some of you have already heard the story of the chalice you see me using at Mass. My father crafted that chalice for me as an ordination gift back in 1980. The wood that enshrouds the golden cup is rosewood that my grandfather bought back from Honduras in the 1930’s when he was working there for United Fruit Company. Rosewood is a very rare form of mahogany. Only one in each acre of mahogany trees is a rosewood tree, sort of an anomaly of nature–a rare, very hard and dense wood that is used to make fine pieces of furniture or art. My dad had always kept some of this precious rosewood for his special projects, as he was an accomplished cabinetmaker by hobby.   Dad died in 2001. Several years later, I discovered something very interesting about the chalice. My brother told me that dad had rubbed that wood through his hands for […]

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