Pastor's Message

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

        PENTECOST     Pentecost was the reversal of the Tower of Babel. Immense confusion and division resulted when our ancestors (effectively “WE”) had the audacity and arrogance to attempt to build a monument to our own egos, to effectively fabricate something that we thought could circumvent our dependence upon God. Thanks be to God, this ridiculous fiasco of ours was literally “blown away” by the wind of the Holy Spirit.   As the Holy Spirit blew life-giving breath into the early Christian community, the “Babel of many voices” was overcome as “each person heard the other speaking in his or her own language”.   Quarreling gave way to Eucharistic fellowship as the community experienced a new sense of unity and purpose. Fear was overcome by courage, as the apostles emerged from behind locked doors and went charging out into the world to spread the Good News. Remorse and self-recrimination gave way to inner peace and freedom, as the new community was filled with a joy that only Christ could bring. People of all nations started coming together and the power of Jesus’ passion, death and resurrection was unleashed upon the world. Redemption was now a reality.   […]

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Around the Parish

Bastille Mass Celebration 2017

Holy Name of Jesus Church is celebrating Bastille Day with a Mass on Sunday, July 09, 2017, at Noon. This Mass celebrates New Orleans’ and Louisiana’s French Heritage and will count as your Sunday obligation. Bastille Day is French Independence Day. Please come and join us for this wonderful event. Our Pastor, Fr. Edwin Gros, S.J., will be our main celebrant. A special choir has been working very hard to lead us all in some wonderful French liturgical songs. We will provide bilingual Mass booklets “en Francais” and in English so that you might easily follow along. Bienvenue a tout le monde. 

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