Pastor's Message

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

A VOICE WE ARE MEANT TO HEAR   The same voice that only Jesus heard from the heavens at His baptism: “You are my Beloved Son, on You my favor rests” is again heard in this Sunday’s reading from Mark’s Gospel. However, this time, Jesus’ three select disciples–Peter, James, and John–also have the privilege of hearing that divine voice proclaiming the same Truth, however with the addition of three important words: “Listen to Him.”   Listening to Jesus is the starting point for Christian faith. Dogma, theology, catechisms, and all those other important aspects of our spiritual journey come later. Our faith only truly begins when we listen to the voice of God, and allow that voice to penetrate our hearts and change our lives. That voice from the heavens makes it crystal-clear that Jesus is God’s chosen and favored Son, and that we must be attentive to every life giving word that comes from his mouth.   Given that, I suggest the following questions to guide us in our Lenten prayer:   How much attention do I pay to God’s “Word made Flesh” in Jesus?   How much time do I dedicate to seeking out / recognizing God’s living […]

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