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Dear Sisters and Brothers,

THE GOOD SHEPHERD   Chapter 10 of John’s Gospel is entirely dedicated to Jesus’ discourse on himself as The Good Shepherd. It is perhaps the most heartwarming chapter in all the Gospels as it describes the tender and faithful love of Jesus for ¬†each of us. Jesus tells us what the qualities of a good shepherd are, as well as the responsibilities we should have to Him as members of his beloved flock.   WHAT ARE THE QUALITIES OF THE GOOD SHEPHERD?   He is the one who enters by the gate of the corral; He does not jump the fence or sneak in as a thief or marauder would. (v. 1).   He knows each of His sheep personally and calls each one by his or her name (v.3).   He walks in front of the flock, leading them by his gentle yet decisive tone of voice, a voice that the sheep readily recognize, a voice that comforts and orients them. (v.4).   He is also ready to lay down his life to protect any sheep in the flock that might be in danger (v11).   He is always watching out for the flock, and should a sheep get […]

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