Pastor's Message

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

JESUS THE EVER-PATIENT TEACHER   Chapters 8, 9, and 10 of Mark’s Gospel give a lot of emphasis to the formation and private instructions that Jesus gave to his disciples. We find a lot of passages that begin: “And he began to teach them…..” (Mark 8, 31), or “Calling together the people as well as his disciples, he said to them……” (Mark 8: 34), or “Jesus looking around him, said to his disciples…….” (Mark 10:23).   The disciples continued to receive special instruction from the Lord and were making strides, advancing in their faith. Yet sometimes they would also backslide or say off-the-wall things. A good example of this pattern is Peter whom we find at one moment making an extraordinary profession of faith saying, “You are the Christ.” But then, almost immediately after this incredible profession of faith, we hear Peter attempting to dissuade Jesus from going to Jerusalem because he does not like Jesus’ way of proceeding and is really frightened by the concept of “a Suffering Messiah.”   And just as Peter would shine in one moment and look foolish in the next, the Zebedee brothers were no better, as they attempted to cut a deal with […]

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