Pastor's Message

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

From Palm Sunday to Good Friday   It is not very difficult to stand with Jesus or cheer for Him as He enters Jerusalem, amid shouts of joy and jubilation, with everyone acclaiming: Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!” At times like these, most anyone can grab a palm and go out and join the parade when everyone is shouting : “ALLELUIA!”   The more challenging part of discipleship comes when it is time to accompany Jesus in the days that follow, when his passion begins: –when in the intimacy of the Last Supper Jesus informs his disciples that His suffering and death is immanent .   –when there emerge awkward and embarrassing arguments among the disciples over who is more important and who will have prominent positions in the Kingdom   –when we see and hear all the empty promises and declarations of loyalty, as when Peter swears to Jesus that “although others will abandon him, he would NEVER abandon Him.”   — when Jesus himself announces that things will get so difficult and challenging for their group that He himself will be accused of being a criminal .   –when we hear Jesus […]

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