Welcome to Holy Name of Jesus Parish. Our church is located on the campus of Loyola University.

Jesus calls us, the Catholic Community at Holy Name of Jesus parish, graced by the Holy Spirit, to invite all people to experience the living and loving presence of Christ by nurturing the spiritual growth of all members through energetic celebration of the sacraments, especially the Eucharist, daily prayer, lifelong study of our faith, witness, services, and hospitality. Parish Mission Statement

Archbishop Aymond's Letter Appointing Fr. Boudreaux

Holy Name of Jesus Church


Fr.  Ron Boudreaux, SJ  Administrator 


Fr. Boudreaux Pastor's Letter

Last week, Fr. Eddie said his “au revoir”—and quite touchingly, I might add. Today, I will offer my own “bonjour”.

 While most people spend a good part of their lives getting settled and having families, Jesuits do just the opposite. We are ready to move at a moment’s notice. Well, not really at a moment’s notice, but St. Ignatius was adamant that his men should always be ready to pick up and go to a new place. In fact, that is often what we mean when we say “contemplatives in action.” Some contemplatives take vows of stability, usually to one monastery or one convent. We, on the other hand, really have no permanent home. A man who was not available to move wherever his provincial asked was not ready to be a Jesuit.

 So, here I am, back in New Orleans after many years. It was late October and I had just returned from three months in Mexico where I had lived in a Jesuit community in Oaxaca, studying

Spanish and doing pastoral ministry. I was expecting to begin an assignment at Montserrat Jesuit Retreat House in Lake Dallas, Texas; suddenly, the provincial said to me something like, “I need you to go to the Jesuit Church on Baronne Street and get it back together.”  It was shortly after Hurricane Katrina.

 Those were difficult days for everyone, I suppose, just as they were for me. My only parish experience was the time I had spent working at St. Patrick’s in Oakland, California. But, I thought, I will do the best I can. And, of course, I had plenty of help, including Fr. Paul Schott and Lisette Charbonnet from Holy Name of Jesus Parish, and Jack Saux, head of the ICC parish council. It was a time when everyone had to pitch in however they could to put things back in order.

 A few months later, I had moved on to Lake Dallas, where I would spend almost ten years doing what I really feel called to do, which is to preach retreats and help people make sense of their lives.

 My next assignment was to be superior at Xavier Jesuit Center, an assisted living facility for retired Jesuits in Denver. I soon discovered that there was too much free time and I would have to find something to do. So, I began to re-landscape the whole property, cutting down wild trees, pulling weeds, replanting, cultivating, and so forth. At the end of every day, I was exhausted but happy that I had done a good day’s work. 

 Two years later, I got another message from the Provincial asking if I would be willing to be the administrator at Holy Name of Jesus in New Orleans. So, here I am.

 Since beginning here July 1, I have discovered a capable and welcoming staff, and very welcoming parish community, and a group of active Jesuits. I hope I can be of service keeping up the good work Fr. Gros has been doing until your new pastor comes.

 God has been there to meet me in each of the places I have worked, as He is in everyone’s life. I hope I can help you find Him if you think He is absent. I want to help each of you grow in your personal relationship to Christ. And I hope you will help me negotiate the various obstacles that are sure to come. Again, everyone has to pitch in to make this work. I will help in whatever way I can, but I will also be counting on all of you. Peace in Christ.


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