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Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Facing Temptation // Viviendo La Vida Santa   In this Sunday’s Gospel, the First Sunday of Lent, we find Jesus heading off to the desert, at the urging of the Holy Spirit. He will be severely tempted and tested there by Satan who will attack everything that is important to Him concerning His identity, His messianic strategy as to how He plans to proclaim God’s Reign to the world, the people He will be choosing to work with him, and everything else dear to His heart. Satan “the father of lies” will try to confuse Jesus ‘mission and distort His focus with every trick in the book.   These temptations aimed at provoking doubts in Jesus’ heart will return again and again during His life. “Turn these stones into bread.”   “Do a spectacular flying leap from the pinnacle of the temple.” “Get down on your knees and do me homage.”  These unsettling temptations will take hundreds of different forms during Jesus’  ministry, but He will resist every one of them. The tempter’s message is always the same. I paraphrase it this way:   ” Your choice to be in solidarity with human frailty, suffering, and vulnerability is ridiculous! Do it […]

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