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Dear Sisters and Brothers,

A CALL TO RESPONSIBILITY   With parables or comparisons, Jesus has invited his disciples to fidelity (The Faithful Servant, Matthew 24: 45-51), he has advised them to be prepared and attentive (The bridesmaids some prepared others unprepared, Matthew 25: 1-13). And now, with this week’s parable of the talents, Jesus is calling his disciples to be responsible in working toward advancing the Reign of God.   The man who goes on a journey to a distant land is Jesus. The servants are his disciples. The assignment is to continue proclaiming the Reign. This is what it means to be given “talents.”   Two attitudes are obvious in the ones who have received these talents: (1) to transmit or to make fruitful what one has received from God, and (2) to put away or hide what the Lord has given.   When the time for accountability arrives, Jesus tells the ones who have developed their talents, “Well done good and faithful servant. Because you have been faithful in these things of little value, I will entrust to you things of greater value. Enter and partake of the joy of your Lord.”   But to the one who hid away his talents […]

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