Pastor's Message

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Parable of the Talents   This Sunday, I will be leaving to go on two weeks of vacation. It has been impossible for me to get away until now due to the many changes and transitions we have undergone over the past two years. . Now I am at a peaceful place where I can leave for a couple of weeks. And with Fr. Zipple and Fr. Rowntree here, our bases are very well covered!   For vacation, I will be returning to El Paso to visit my old stomping grounds. I have not been back there since I left in February of 2013. I am a bit anxious about the visit, mainly because it will be impossible to see everyone I want to see, and I don’t want anyone to feel overlooked. But it will nevertheless be a joy to see those lovely parishioners again.   Some people joke with me, saying that I am going to want to stay back there because I am always talking about Sacred Heart Parish. I can assure you that I had some very happy years there, but I am also very happy here, and I feel that God has called me to […]

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