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Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Dear Sisters and Brother, As you are surely well aware, thousands of our neighbors in Louisiana have suffered major flood damage. Their needs call for our generous response to assist their recovery. All kinds of assistance are needed, from financial to in kind of many varieties (e.g. food, clothing, bottled water). Ms. Arlene Rapp, one of HNJ school’s maintenance staff, has a house in Denham Springs where her daughter and family live. The house was completely flooded and they are in immediate need of clothes and shoes. Ms. Jessica Dwyer describes in a recent e-mail their specific needs. Contact Ms. Dwyer for her e-mail of Aug. 16 detailing their needs. Of special interest to us in New Orleans is the partnership of Catholic Charities of New Orleans with Baton Rouge Catholic Charities to provide financial assistance. Donations can be made on-line by going to Catholic Charities Online donation_. Numerous other organizations, including the Red Cross, NOLA Pay It Forward, United Way, are accepting online donations. Many organizations are accepting in kind donations. lists both of these. Especially helpful is its list of what is being solicited, where to donate it, and when. Details of organizations seeking help Not […]

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Holy Name Of Jesus School Fair

Holy Name Of Jesus School Fair

The Gator Fest is seeking sponsorships for the Fest on November 11-13, 2016,  “125 HNJ School Anniversary” We are very excited to also be celebrating our 33 annual fair. We are seeking sponsorships for this event. HNJ Gator Fest Sponsor 2016