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Dear Sisters and Brothers,

  In this Sunday’s Gospel, we see some Herodians and Pharisees maliciously trying to ensnare Jesus — two groups who don’t even like each other, and two parties that have very little in common. The Pharisees find their security in the Law and the Torah while the Herodians find their security in aligning themselves with the Roman occupation forces. The only thing these two groups do have in common is their disdain for Jesus. So they form an unholy alliance just to try and embarrass Him. Jesus sees right through their deceitfulness. They begin with some insincere words of praise about Jesus being a “sincere person who always teaches the truth.” Then they ask Jesus this question about the obligation to pay taxes to Caesar. As we know, Jesus is not about to be “had” and thus immediately turns the question back on them by asking them to produce a coin of the realm, and to identify the person whose image is on the coin. He then says one of the most quoted remarks in all of scripture: Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s.” This carefully crafted response has been […]

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