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Dear Sisters and Brothers,

TO SAY IT WITH LOVE     This week’s Gospel addresses a very important aspect of community and Church life known as fraternal correction. Many of you have seen the reflection sheet I composed, entitled: “Fr. Eddie’s Rules for Saying Difficult Things to Others.” I will post it on the Holy Name of Jesus Church Facebook page again, so you can see it.   Basically, my rules call for framing the challenges we give others in the context of love, always in the hope of improving, saving, or at least detoxing a relationship. We should be constructive rather than destructive, provide a disclaimer in case there has been a misunderstanding, and we should avoid imputing motives at all costs. Fraternal correction is most effective focused on one specific thing and on how a specific behavior affects me (that is, the person making the confrontation.) Presenting a person with a whole list of accumulated grievances is a sure formula for failed communication. And both at the beginning and at the end of the confrontation, an expression of respect for the person needs to be expressed. The whole conversation needs to be carefully thought out so that it clearly expresses the problem, […]

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